3Rs SaaS Model

Step-by-step blueprint to turn ideas into actions

Our 3Rs SaaS Model offers a systematic approach to building products that gain rapid traction.

Our model draws upon our firsthand experience in customer and product development, inspired by a variety of methodologies and influential thinkers, including

  • Steve Blank’s customer development principles,
  • Eric Ries’s Lean Startup methodology,
  • Ash Maurya’s Running Lean approach, and
  • The Agile Methodology advocated by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

The model is organized into 3 stages:

  • Rapid Product Validation: This initial stage focuses on determining the viability of the problem you aim to solve before investing substantial time and resources into building a solution. It involves interviewing ideal customers, creating clickable prototypes, and verifying the solution.
  • Reliable MVP Implementation: Once the problem worth solving is validated, our framework guides you in determining the features of the minimum viable product (MVP) and building it.
  • Real Traction: At this stage, armed with a validated problem and a built MVP, the focus shifts to fiinding early adopters and assessing how well the solution meets their needs. This involves measuring the product’s engagement within the market and making iterative adjustments to achieve product/market fit.

The 3Rs SaaS Model encompasses all the essential elements needed to establish a robust foundation for your SaaS product, including both principles (what you do) and tactics (how you do it).

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